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Phuc Long Garden
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Phuc Long Garden is located in the center of Ben Luc town –not only a strategic gateway for trade and service in the western of Ho Chi Minh City, but also the gateway connecting Ho Chi Minh City with the Western provinces and the Mekong Delta.

*     Location:

+     Bordering to Highway 1A on the north

+     Bordering to Vam Co Dong river on the south.

+     Bordering to Belt-way 4 on the east

+     Bordering to Phuc Long urban area stage 2 on the west.

*     Utilities:

With three factors  " Bordering on market - Bordering on  river - Bordering on road " ( Ben Luc market, Thuan Dao market, Go Den market - Vam Co River – National Road 1A), Phuc Long Garden converge all utility to develop a modern urban area. In particular, The investor has developed all needs for daily life :

+     Kindergarten Phuc Long.

+     Mini football stadium, entertainment park.

+     Houses for workers.

*     Outside Utilities:

+     Ben Luc Hospital - 2 km

+     Administrative center; Ben Luc Cultural Centre 2km

+     School (kindergarten, high school) - 2 km

+     Market: Ben Luc, Thuan Dao, Go Den about 2 km.

+     Banks, supermarkets, parks, ... 2 km.

+     Mini football ground, pool, cafe, restaurant :1 km

*     Specification information:

Lot area: 5m x 20m; 6m x 20m.

Construction rules: construction density from 80% to 90%. Building maximum 1 ground floor, 2 floors and terrace.

*     Strengths of Phuc Long Residential area:

+     Already have a certificate of land use right for each foundation.

+     Finished Infrastructure.

+     Utilities around from 500m - 3,000m.

+     Living or business (for experts and workers).

+     Convenient traffic to Ho Chi Minh City or to other western provinces.

+     Good geology, low-cost construction.

*     Price - payment method

From 3.5 - 4 million / m2, building immediately when receiving foundation.

Flexible payment within 6 months.


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