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Ready built factory and built upon your request
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          Phuc Long workshop system for lease is a complex project of 39 factories located on an area of ​​14 hectares, each workshop is planned with an area of ​​540m2 to 5,000 m2. The factory is built on an independent area, with its own space and small area, which is a typical product line suitable for the needs of most small and medium enterprises or new investors in the intensive period of entering Vietnam market. Up to now, the occupancy rate of leasing factory area is 76%. According to forecasts, demand for factories will continue to increase with the wave of investment from Korea and Japan.

          Combined with the available advantages, expanding the type of service and providing increasingly diverse products to structure to maximize the use needs of many industries is the inevitable trend.

-    Area: minimum 540 m2

-    Payment method: Flexible

-    Short time for factory construction: from 2 months to 6 months.

-    Subject: domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises.

Specification and outstanding advantages:

Workshop area varies from model for small and medium enterprises to large enterprises and build on requirement of customers.

Flexible construction structure. Construction materials using corrugated iron are products of the TVP steel brand that meet the standards of high quality Vietnamese goods. Construction workshops are suitable for many production industries, including food, electronics, textiles, mechanics, chemicals, ...

Harmonized architecture and open space planning help workers work in comfortable environments, improve labor productivity.

Strengths of Phuc Long’s factory:

Independent factory: separate fence dividing the two factories, with separate spaces and paths.

Diverse area: from 540m2 to over 5,000m2 to meet the maximum demands of investors.

Architectural design and structure of the workshop as required, ensuring maximum use.

Change the architecture, structure of  factory meeting investor requirements.

Building factory quickly, ensuring quality.

Saving energy cost, cold equipment for factory.



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