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Services and Trade
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Car Rental Services: Cars, bus pick-up staff, motor vehicles for construction and production, ...

Leasing meeting rooms: large/small meeting rooms, serving the needs of internal meetings, client conferences, etc capacity from 10 to 50 people.

Organizing Event: organizing big/small events for all businesses.

Legal consultant:

-    No-charge support: Applying for a new investment registration certificate for projects that do not report technology explanation or apply for business registration certificates.

-    Consulting services: Adjusting the investment registration certificate, applying for a new investment certificate for projects requiring Technology Explanatory Reports, Fire Prevention and Fighting Evaluation, and Environmental Impact Assessment Report, Construction Permit, Certificate of Completion, Ownership of the project, residence card for foreigners, account opening, credit, ATM card, recruitment of personnel, supervision consultant - set up - construction, account consulting, finance, tax reporting, settlement reports,…

Trade: providing some building materials: PPGI, galvanizing, corrugated iron covering, working beam, black steel pipe, iron forms UVI, roofing / insulating and soundproof panel wall.



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