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Regulating service fees
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(Applied from January 1, 2020 until a decision to replace)

        Sincerely thank you for your interest in investing in Phuc Long Industrial Park. Phuc Long Company would like to announce the service price list applicable to all projects operating in Phuc Long IP, specifically as follows:

Infrastructure maintenance:

-   Fee: USD 0.46 / m2 / year on the total land area.
-   Uses: Paying for and maintaining the entire public lighting system, planting and tending trees in the common areas outside the factories;
Maintenance of sidewalks, industrial park road systems, industrial drainage systems.

Power supply:

-   Electricity price: according to Decision No. 648 / QD-BCT dated March 20, 2019.

-   Medium voltage connection fee is 12 USD / kVA, charge only one time during usage of the station.

Water supply:

-   Water source from Nhi Thanh water supply plant, capacity 60,000 m3 / day.

-   Production water price: USD 0.46 / m3.

Wastewater treatment:

-   Receiving standard: column B according to QCVN 40: 2011 / BTNMT.

-   Flow is calculated by 80% of supplied water.

-   Waste water treatment fee:

  • The waste water treatment fee applied for regular wastewater is USD 0.36 / m3.
  • Wastewater treatment fee applied to wastewater for manufacturing contaminated industries (textile, dyeing, plating, chemicals, etc.) is USD 0.72 / m3.

Fire Fighting (fire protection): Investors are equipped with fire protection equipment suitable to their investment registered industry.

Environmental impact assessment (DTM): Investor prepares DTM document suitable for investment registration field.

Telephone, fax, internet, ... according to the provider price.

(*) Note: The above price does not include VAT.


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